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What You Will Learn

  • Azure DevOps

By the end of the Azure DevOps course, participants should be proficient in using Azure DevOps for the end-to-end software development lifecycle, implementing best practices, and preparing for relevant certifications. The course often emphasizes practical application, allowing participants to build skills that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios.




Module 1: Introduction to Azure DevOps

  1. Overview of Azure DevOps:

·         Introduction to Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server

·         Understanding the key components: Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts

·         Azure networking and storage management

·         Key Azure services (Compute, Storage, Networking).

  1. Azure DevOps Services vs. Azure DevOps Server:
  • Understanding the differences between the cloud-based service and on-premises server

Module 2: Setting Up Azure DevOps

  1. Creating and Configuring an Azure DevOps Organization:
  • Creating a new organization
  • Configuring organization settings
  1. Managing Users and Permissions:
  • Adding users and managing access
  • Configuring security and permissions

Module 3: Azure Repos

  1. Version Control with Git:
  • Setting up Git repositories
  • Branching and merging strategies
  • Repository management, pull requests, and using GitHub for collaboration and code review
  • Working with remote repositories, conflict resolution, and best practices.


  1. TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control):
    • Introduction to TFVC for version control

Module 4: Azure Boards

  1. Work Item Tracking:

·         Creating and managing work items

·         Customizing work item types and fields

  1. Agile Planning and Boards:
    • Setting up and using Agile boards
    • Sprint planning and backlog management

Module 5: Azure Pipelines

  1. Introduction to CI/CD:

·         Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) concepts

·         Building a CI/CD pipeline

  1. Creating Pipelines:

·         Configuring build pipelines

·         Configuring release pipelines

  1. Deployment Strategies:

·         Blue-Green deployments

·         Canary releases

Module 6: Azure Test Plans

  1. Test Planning and Management:

·         Creating and managing test plans

·         Test case design and execution

  1. Load Testing:
    • Configuring and executing load tests

Module 7: IaC, Container, AKS

1. Terraform

·         Introduction to Terraform: Core concepts of IaC, Terraform syntax, and configuration files.

·         Terraform Operations: Writing and executing Terraform scripts, state management, and working with modules.

·         Terraform in Practice: Creating reproducible infrastructure, best practices, and real-world use cases.

2. Docker

·         Docker Essentials: Understanding containers, Docker images, and container lifecycle.

·         Docker Compose and Management: Multi-container applications, orchestration with Docker Compose, and container networking.

·         Advanced Docker Techniques: Dockerfile best practices, image optimization, and secure container deployment.


3. Kubernetes

·         Kubernetes Basics: Understanding clusters, pods, deployments, and services.

·         Kubernetes Networking and Storage: Configuring network policies, persistent storage, and volumes.

·         Advanced Kubernetes Concepts: Autoscaling, self-healing, and Kubernetes security.

4. Implementing DevOps Tools in Azure

·         Git in Azure: Implementing source control for Azure projects using Git. Integrating repositories with Azure DevOps for continuous integration.

·         GitHub and Azure DevOps Integration: Setting up GitHub repositories in Azure DevOps. Automating build and release pipelines using GitHub actions.

·         Terraform in Azure: Creating and managing Azure resources using Terraform. Best practices for managing state files and organizing Terraform configurations.

·         Docker on Azure: Deploying Docker containers on Azure Container Instances (ACI) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Container registry management with Azure Container Registry (ACR).

·         Kubernetes in Azure: Deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using AKS. Scaling applications, updating deployments, and managing cluster resources.


Module 8: Azure Artifacts

  1. Package Management:
  • Managing packages with Azure Artifacts
  • NuGet, npm, and Maven repositories

Module 9: Integrations and Extensibility

  1. Integrating with External Services:

·         Integrating with GitHub, Bitbucket, and other version control systems

·         Integrating with external build and deployment systems

  1. Azure DevOps REST API:
    • Overview of the REST API for custom integrations

Module 10: Monitoring and Analytics

  1. Monitoring and Reporting:

·         Using Azure DevOps Analytics for reporting

·         Configuring and interpreting dashboards

Module 11: Best Practices and Advanced Topics

  1. DevOps Best Practices:

·         Implementing DevOps best practices

·         Code reviews, branch policies, and code quality

  1. Advanced Pipelines and Customization:

·         YAML pipelines for advanced configuration

·         Pipeline templates and parameterization

Module 12: Azure DevOps Certification Preparation

  1. Preparing for Azure DevOps Certification:

·         Overview of relevant certifications

·         Exam format, topics, and preparation strategies

Additional Considerations:

  • Hands-On Labs and Exercises:
    • Incorporate practical labs and exercises for hands-on experience.
  • Real-World Scenarios:

·         Discuss and analyze real-world scenarios and case studies.

·         Azure DevOps, Building software packages with Build Pipelines, Deploying infrastructure using Release Pipelines, YAML Pipelines, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), and Containerization.

·         Deploying a Web Application using Docker and Azure: Step-by-step project to containerize a web application, push it to ACR, and deploy it on ACI.

·         Infrastructure Automation using Terraform in Azure: Real-world project to automate the deployment of a multi-tier application infrastructure using Terraform in Azure.

·         CI/CD with Azure DevOps: Implementing a full CI/CD pipeline for an application using Azure DevOps. Integrating source control, automated builds, testing, and deployment.

·         Managing Kubernetes Clusters in Azure: Hands-on project to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in Azure, deploy applications, and implement scaling and self-healing features.

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