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Build websites and applications with hands-on tech skills

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What You Will Learn

  • web development

By completing a web development course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build modern, interactive, and engaging websites. You will be well-equipped to enter the exciting and growing field of web development and create impactful experiences for users online.



Build websites and applications with hands-on tech skills

Empower Your Future, Code Your Dreams: Unleashing the Potential of Web Development Now!

Earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

Show the World that you have honed the skills and build your credibility.


Course Description:
The Web Development Fundamentals course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of web development. In this course, students will learn the essential skills and technologies required to build interactive and responsive websites from scratch.

Course Title: Web and Application Development

Module 1: Introduction to Web Development

  1. Overview of Web Development
    • Introduction to the web development landscape
    • Role of web developers in the industry
  2. Basics of HTML and CSS
    • HTML structure and tags
    • CSS styling and layout
  3. Introduction to JavaScript
    • Fundamentals of JavaScript programming
    • Document Object Model (DOM)
  4. Responsive Web Design
    • Media queries for different devices
    • Introduction to frameworks like Bootstrap

Module 2: Frontend Development

  1. Advanced JavaScript
    • Functions, arrays, and objects
    • Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises
  2. Introduction to Frontend Frameworks
    • React.js fundamentals
    • Components and state management
  3. Advanced CSS and Preprocessors
    • CSS Grid and Flexbox
    • Introduction to SASS or LESS
  4. Web Accessibility
    • Principles of accessible web design
    • Implementing accessible features in web applications

Module 3: Backend Development

  1. Introduction to Backend Development
    • Overview of server-side languages (Node.js, Python, Ruby)
    • Setting up a basic server
  2. Databases and Data Modeling
    • Introduction to databases (SQL and NoSQL)
    • Schema design and data relationships
  3. Server-side Frameworks
    • Express.js for Node.js
    • Django for Python or Ruby on Rails
  4. API Development
    • RESTful API design principles
    • Building and consuming APIs

Module 4: Full Stack Development

  1. Version Control with Git
    • Basics of version control
    • Git commands and collaboration
  2. Deployment and Hosting
    • Deploying applications to cloud platforms (Heroku, AWS, etc.)
    • Domain registration and configuration
  3. Web Security
    • Common security threats and best practices
    • HTTPS, encryption, and secure coding
  4. Testing and Debugging
    • Unit testing and integration testing
    • Debugging tools and techniques

Module 5: Mobile Application Development

  1. Introduction to Mobile App Development
    • Overview of mobile development platforms (React Native, Flutter, etc.)
    • Choosing the right framework for your project
  2. Building a Mobile App
    • Setting up a mobile development environment
    • Developing and testing a simple mobile application
  3. Publishing and Distribution
    • App store guidelines and submission process
    • Distributing apps to various platforms

Module 6: Project and Capstone

  1. Final Project
    • Design and implement a full-stack web or mobile application
    • Apply learned concepts and technologies
  2. Capstone Project Presentation
    • Showcase your final project
    • Receive feedback from peers and instructors


  • Basic understanding of programming concepts (recommended but not required)
  • Familiarity with using a code editor and the command line


  • Weekly quizzes and assignments
  • Mid-term and final projects
  • Capstone project presentation

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